About the Seminar

Launched in Spring 2017, the “Collaborative Research Seminar on Archives and Special Collections” is a two-part seminar for graduate students, faculty, and staff at The Graduate Center, CUNY, hosted in concert with the Graduate Center Library and The New York Public Library. Through discussions, presentations, and hands-on archival work, we will develop research methods that engage the resources of both the GC Library and NYPL in order to participate in our own special collections and archival research.

We invite students, faculty, and staff of CUNY to participate by submitting a brief application with statement of interest.

Sponsored by the Graduate Center Library and The New York Public Library, with support from the Early Research Initiative, The Center for the Humanities, Lost and Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative, and GC Digital Initiatives.

*cover image cc licensed by flickr user Andy Langager, “card catalog.”